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Debut Album Recording!

Hjaltibonhoga have recorded their first album! A lot of hard work went into preparing 15 tracks which were recorded in a single busy day in Mareel. We had the weekend dedicated to it - Friday evening spent setting up and getting the sound right before the full day of recording on Saturday 18th June.

The Training Band completed the first two tracks and both were sounding fantastic. It was quite a learning curve for our young fiddle players to be completely silent before and after playing and to NOT tap their feet but they nailed their first track on their first take like pros!

The next few items saw the seniors join the training band for the full band tracks and by 4pm the senior section of Hjaltibonhoga completed the last of the 15 tracks!

To complete our weekend of recording in Mareel Hjaltibonhoga performed the album live. The band were sounding great and we enjoyed getting to showcase our hard work to an audience to mark the recording. Hjaltibonhoga owe thanks to both Jonathan Ritch and Gary Smith for setting up and steering us through the recording.

Look out for the album release later in 2016!

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