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Week 3 with the BBC

Wow week 3 already and it’s all change in team Hjalti! About half the band has gone home and been replaced with new players. With little more than 24 hours between the new player’s arrival and their first show – Monday was always going to be a busy one. Tunes in the morning, formations & finale line ups in the afternoon and show at night – and relax first show done!

Week 3 is a big one as the BBC is here. This show is filmed over 3 nights and broadcast to approaching about 1 billion people worldwide – no pressure! Not only do we have the cameramen to worry about but we also have to make sure that our hair, make up, and jewellery is the same every night!

A group of our players entered the Tattoo Talent Show on Thursday night and took 2nd place! The rules state you can’t perform with the same role you do here so fiddles are off limits for us. The ‘Shetland Marchers’ did a hilarious sketch featuring the Brigadier, Lochiel Marching and the Imps. They were only upstaged by a Norwegian who is very impressive at juggling and a deserved winner.

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