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CDs and Tune Books 

As well as our own CD, you can find music books and CDs produced by our band members.​​

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Scrolling On
£13 + shipping

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  1. Irish Reels (4.20)

  2. Iain (5.54) - with The Hjaltibonhoga Training Band

  3. Irish Hornpipes (3.10)

  4. Five Reels (3.01)

  5. Freija (1.42) - by The Hjaltibonhoga Training Band

  6. Spootiskerry (3.46)

  7. Young Willie (5.20)

  8. Hjaltibonhoga’s March to the Bus (1.55)

  9. Greenland Tunes (2.27)

  10. The Dale of Waltz (2.47)

  11. Jigs (3.36)

  12. Schottisches (2.40) - by The Hjaltibonhoga Training Band

  13. Melbourne (5.07)

  14. Rosie Ann (2.32) - with The Hjaltibonhoga Training Band

  15. American Reels (3.47)

Scrolling On

Recorded in Mareel, Shetland in June 2016.

Released in March 2017.

Tune books & CDs by band members

Please complete the form provided below if you'd like to purchase a book or CD from one of our members. 

We'll pass your request on so they can arrange payment and delivery directly with you. 

Margaret Robertson:

  • The Robertson Collection Vol. One 

  • The Robertson Collection Vol. Two

Shetland Folk Society:

  • Tune Collection 2013-15 

  • Tune Collection 2016-18

Linda Rankin:

  • The Journey So Far Collection 

  • There to Now (CD)

Julia Dignan:

  • The Tea Wifie (CD)


  • Route 970 (CD)

  • Re-Routed (CD)

Stella Wilkie:

  • About Time (CD)

The Robertson Collection Volume One
by Margaret Robertson
£15 + £2 shipping
Margaret Robertson Volume 2 copy2.jpg
The Robertson Collection Volume Two
by Margaret Robertson
£15 + £2 shipping
Special Offer - Purchase both volumes of
The Robertson Collection:  £30 with free shipping
LR Tunebook journey so far.jpg
The Journey So Far Collection
by Linda Rankin
£15 + £5 shipping
LR There to Now cover.jpg
There to Now (CD)
by Linda Rankin
£12 + £5 shipping
Fjanna DIGI PACK.jpg
Route 970 (CD)
by Fjanna
£12.99 + £1.50 shipping
Re-Routed (CD)
by Fjanna
£12.99 + £1.50 shipping
Special Offer - Purchase Route 970 & Re-Routed:
£20 + £1.50 Shipping
Shetland Folk Society
Tune Collection 2013-15
by Shetland Folk Society
£8 + £1.50 shipping
Tune Collection 2016-18
by Shetland Folk Society
£12 + £1.50 shipping
Julia Dignan
The Tea Wifie (CD)
by Julia Dignan
£12.50 + free shipping
About Time (CD)
by Stella Wilkie & Joan Blue
£10 + £1.50 P&P
Proceeds (excluding P&P) going to Alzheimer Scotland 
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Please complete this form if you'd like to purchase a book or CD by one of our members.

We'll pass your request on so they can arrange payment and delivery directly with you.

Only 'Scrolling On' by Hjaltibonhoga can be purchased on our website directly using the 'Buy Now' buttons above.

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