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Hairst Helly 2017

The weekend of 9th and 10th September saw Hjaltibonhoga host their second annual Hairst Helly. This year, we were delighted to welcome both Gordon Gunn and Adam Surtherland to teach. We started each day with tuition in two groups, one led by Gordon and one by Adam, then we switched mid morning. The afternoon was a joint session where we consolidated what we learned and arranged the set for the performance each night.

Each evening we held a concert where we were delighted to hear performances by each tutor accompanied by our own Margaret Robertson on piano and Ryan Couper on guitar.

The same weekend, Melbourne based group 'The Neon Effect' were in Shetland. Members Jessica, Catie and Michelle are part of The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club who we met in Shetland in 2015. We were also joined by the Melbourne Fiddlers during the Tattoo on Tour in 2016. The Neon Effect opened each concert for us and led a workshop on the Sunday afternoon.

Concerts were held in the Voe hall on Saturday and the Sound hall on Sunday to appreciative audiences. Have a look at a few of the photos here:


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